5 reasons why you should use Digital Marketing for your business

Why you should use digital marketing

  1. Because it’s free!

Listing your business on search engines such as Google and search directories is a free way to organically generate traffic to your website.  This means that people can see your business online and you haven’t paid a penny for it.  Even if you don’t have a website you should still list your business on search engines and any free directories that you can find.  Doing this not only gives you free exposure to local searches but is beneficial to your SEO efforts.  Each listing you place will contain crucial backlinks which help your website rank higher on SERPs (search engine results pages). This is very important when it comes to increasing your website visibility and is what your business should be doing as part of its online marketing strategy.


  1. Consumers turn to Google

People trust Google to return relevant and trustworthy results.  If your business is at the top of Google’s search listings, users will have confidence that your business is a reputable company that they can trust.  If your business is ranked near the bottom of the search results, people may question your business reliability.  If Google places you last on page 4, will the consumer really turn to your website over the highest ranked website in the results?  Consumers will probably give up searching at the end of page 2 and may not even see your website on page 4.  Being ranked high on Google gives your business credibility which is what you want customers to feel when they see your business.


  1. SEO Trumps Paid Advertising for long term growth

There are two methods of getting traffic to your website through Google.  The first is organic growth and the second is paid advertising.  Each has its benefits depending on your marketing requirements.  If you have a large budget and want a fast influx of traffic, paid advertising would be the best option.  On the other hand, if you have less to spend on marketing and want continual growth trending upwards, then SEO is the method for you.  SEO provides a better return on investment in the long haul, particularly when SEO is cheaper and more effective than paid advertising.


  1. Your competition is using digital marketing

The message is starting to spread that more people are on the internet than watching their television.  Facebook alone has 2 billion members!  Businesses are starting to take advantage of the opportunity and market online.  If your competition is listed higher than you on Google, they are taking sales away from you and making those customers their own: all because their business is being seen before yours.  This is why you need a good SEO and marketing strategy to get ahead of your competitors and ahead on Google.


  1. Analytics enables you to track growth

It’s a proven fact that once you start SEO, traffic WILL increase to your site.   Analytics enables you to monitor the traffic to see what is and isn’t working for your website.  These metrics can be broken down by demographics, average stay time, click through rate, popular webpages etc.  Not only do analytics help you track metrics but they also research search terms and identify potential markets to target. This is something that is lost when it comes to traditional advertising methods.

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