Search Engine Optimization
SEO is the term used for improving a websites search engine ranking. When a consumer searches into Google to look for a product or service, it is SEO which puts your website at the top of the list. Millions of people use the internet to find local businesses. If you’re not listed on the first page, then you’re losing out on sales opportunities. As an Internet Marketing Company we work to put your website ahead of your competitors.

Social Media Marketing
With the number of people using social media, it's crazy not to use it as a platform for marketing your businesses. With more people viewing pictures and videos online, social media marketing can be more effective than TV or magazine ads. Social media marketing allows for targeted marketing, allowing for your advert to be seen by the ideal customers. Being a trustworthy digital marketing agency, we discuss with you which Social media platform will work best for your business.

Content Marketing
This is a broad area which can take shape in numerous different ways. Content marketing is using your business content to help meet your marketing goal. This could be gaining new customers, retaining customers, improving brand awareness and the list goes on… There are a number of popular strategies to online content marketing but not all of them will work for your business. To give you an idea of what content marketing might look like, we’ve listed a few popular methods, Video Marketing, Infographic, Article Writing/Blogging, Podcasts and more.

Email Marketing
You know those emails you receive from companies trying to sell you their products and promote their special offers? That is email marketing. Any time a company sends out a message to a list of email addresses it’s collected, that companies performing email marketing. The great thing about email marketing is that it’s much targeted. You are not sending out your promotional email to thousands of random people. Instead you are emailing your advertisement to consumers who have stated that they are already interested in your products or services, giving you a higher conversion rate to make a sale.

Pay Per Click
Pay per Click (PPC) advertising is where a business can place an advert on the internet and only pay for it when someone clicks on their ad. It’s basically buying traffic for your website. Search engine advertising is very popular due to customer reach available. Not only do you only pay per click but you can control the amount you spend and target specific persons in any location. Businesses often choose PPC due to their adverts appearing higher on search engines like Google much quicker than they would through SEO and organic search results.

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