Who are we? 

Coconut Media was founded by Tom Neal, an entrepreneur and former graduate from the University of Ulster with a B. Sc. in Computing. While running a small online store, Tom couldn’t get customers to buy his products yet millions of people were searching in Google each day for those products. So, he took a course and learnt online marketing to improve the presence of his own business. Throughout this period however, Tom saw there was great demand for online marketing services. From there, he decided to use his learnt knowledge to start up an internet marketing company offering internet marketing services, and so Coconut Media was born.

Coconut Media is focused on helping small businesses gain a big presence online. When marketing online, it’s important to know what strategy will be most effective for your business. We will help with an evaluation of your business, and implement the strategy which will give you the best results and ROI. If you would like to get in touch with us, click on the contact us button or if you would like to view how we help you click on our services.

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